"SYNTHESIS™" is a new technology developed for the production of 3D prefabricated stirrup cages used as lateral reinforcement in concrete linear elements (columns, beams and walls) and produced with a fully automated procedure. The technology is embedded in the new automatic machines designed by AWM in conjunction with its technological partner SIDENOR. It is the result of two years of research and development conducted by the two companies and it has already been introduced in the market. The Synthesis machine is able to produce a very wide range of typologies, diameters and stirrup spacings, and all this with remarkable savings in terms of both time and money. The technology is characterized by total flexibility and thus allows the product to be fully adapted to the project's blueprints.

Synthesis, being a completely industrial product without any human intervention whatsoever, is accompanied by a reliability and accuracy that cannot be easily achieved in practice from the other methods of stirrup construction, where the human factor plays a crucial role. Furthermore, with its industrial cost and other accrued benefits the reinforcing process becomes speedier and more cost-effective. The technology is already tested in full production in SIDENOR's facilities and can be easily adapted to virtually any countries' specific needs.

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