Special electrowelded mesh "FLEXIWELD-S"

"FLEXIWELD S" has reached its third generation and is undoubtedly the most productive, reliable and flexible plant on the market.

The machine is programmed remotely by transferring the production files generated by common cad systems, or through an application developed by AWM. Integration with the most common master computer for the production within a carousel system or as a standalone system is therefore simple and reliable. The plant can be equipped with an automatic stacker system for the packaging of stacked meshes.

The idea behind this machine is total flexibility in wire sizes. Longitudinal wires of different diameters and lengths are delivered by a multiple straightening machine equipped with all wire sizes to the welding where they are automatically inserted. Cross wires are also fed off-coil and can have different diameters inside the same mesh panel. A special welding unit allows to properly weld all crossings through an electronic control of welding parameters. No adjustments are needed while switching from a mesh type to another.

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